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I have been unable to make updates to the website as of late due to the fact that I have recently moved into a new house with my girlfriend and we have yet to have internet connected. I've been going to the public library to stay in contact with people but it doesn't allow me to make updates to my website because I cannot install my FTP program to make the updates. This is the first update I have been able to make in awhile.

Please bear with me, and I will be able to make regular updates soon. Thanks to those who still come to read the archives.
02.29.08 I've recently come into some legal trouble that is completely wrong and immoral on the police officers who arrested me. They arrested me for my own medication which was in it's original container with my full name, doctors name, and everything you'd need to verify a prescription on the bottle. Instead, they charged me with possesion of that controlled substance. I need help funding a defense lawyer. Please, if you know the corruption of the police yourselves, or if you just want to help out, please make a donation today. The button is on the front page. Thanks, friends.
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PanthraX-Nation gets many artciles from a large forum on totse.com. Our mission is to provide accurate and detailed information of various drug procedures, extractions, and synthesis in a way which, (we hope), will reduce harm caused by uninformed users.

PanthraX-Nation relies a lot on the members of Better Living Through Chemistry, a forum that belongs to totse.com. Many of it's users have sent in articles and are continuing to do so.

We also get a lot of information from other websites (with permission) to add to the archives. We hope to make this website a place where one can find the most commonly searched for articles, all in one place and with the help of individuals, and large-scale websites, we hope this can become a reality.

We here at PanthraX-Nation appreciate them supporting us, and we hope they continue to do so.

Panthrax Is In Need Of Some Financial Assistence!

Here recently, I was arrested on charges for my own medications. The police officers saw that the medication was in it's original container and that it had my full name on it. They changed me with possestion of that controlled substance and in one case possesion with intent to distribute. Is this any way to treat a 20-year-old disabled citizen who needs his medication to even get out of bed?

I am diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis in my knees. I've had it since I was 15-years-old, right after the tragic death of my Mother due to breast cancer that eventually spread to her brain; killing her. My doctors want me to have knee surgery but the Orthopedic Surgeon I saw was apprehensive about doing the surgery due to my age. Apparently I might grow out of the implants.

But all of the charges these small-town, crooked cops placed on me was $50,550 worth of charges FOR MY OWN MEDICATIONS!

I need to have my own private attorney but unfortunately, I don't come from a wealthy family so they can't help me at all. So I am relying on the kindness of people I don't even know to help fund my defense. Without a private attorney, there is a strong possibility I will be convicted. You have never in your life seen a town as corrupt and illegal as this town.

Please, from the bottom of my heart, if you can spare a donation of any amount, I would thank you so much. God bless you all and I pray that each donator be blessed in the name God. Thanks again.

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