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Brief History
Opium use dates back to 1300 B.C which was used by Egyptians for trade and as a sedative. Around 300 B.C. it was used by the Arabs, Greeks and Romans. The Arabs introduced it to China and India through trade around c. 400 and from there was used by all classes of people as a household remedy, given to soldiers to increase bravery and and by rulers for pleasure. Opium has since been refined into Heroin and pharmaceutical Pain medication. Modern day uses also include floral arrangements and used in the arts because of its beauty.

Poppy Seeds:
A single Poppy Plant or Pod contains thousands of tiny seeds when mature. Poppy seeds contain Morphine and Codeine and have been know to cause false positives for Opiates in urine tests. Ingestion of bagel sprinkled with poppy seeds can produce an opiate level around 225 ng/ml.

Poppy Plants:
The Poppy Plant (Papaver Somniferum) is harvested once every year. The Pod produces a large flower and will start producing opium alkaloids about 10 days after the flowers fall from the pod. To harvest the opium growers will use a pin and scrape several times downward on he pod creating 'wounds' A milky white substance will slowly ooze from the pod over the next 10-20 hours. The opium alkaloid is contained primarily in the skin and harvesters are careful not to cut too deep as you will loose the opium to the seed chamber inside the pod.

Why do Poppy Seeds contain opium alkaloids?
If the pod is not harvested for opium and strictly for seed then the pod is usually left to dry out. During this period the milky alkaloid works its way into the seed chamber thus coating the seeds with the alkaloid. Tea is produces by using low heat and acetic acid to create a reaction that produces a heroin like substance that is found on the outer layer of poppy seeds. The more seeds used the more intense the tea.

Pods or Seeds?
Because Seeds are used in cooking and found in most bulk food stores they are easier to come by. Of course if you have several pods you can make a much stronger tea by crushing 3-4 pods and using low heat in an acetic acid solution. Good pods are hard to come buy so that is why most use the seeds instead of pods. I have had better luck with seeds than pods myself.

Poppy seed tea does not work. False - Yes it works and works well!

Lemon juice is used for cosmetic reasons or for 'taste'. False - Lemon juice contains acetic acid which causes some acetylation of any morphine present thus giving you a heroin/morphine based substance. Besides who ever said lemon concentrate by itself does anything to improve taste, its actually bitter and sour if you ask me.

Grinding poppy seeds works - False - Because the opium alkaloid is hardened onto the outer layer of the seed grinding or crushing the tiny seed will only extract the bitterness of the seed and offer nothing to the actual opiate effect. If you prefer a very foul taste then of course a coffee grinder will work fine.

McCormicks brand or other brands works - False - You may experience some calming effect but it would take $80.00 worth of name brand poppy seeds to amount to any noticable effect. Bulk food sources are your best bet at approx 1.50$-2.00$ per lb us.

Any juice will work? - False - only juice that contains acetic acid will work. Vinegar would be a better example as it is made mostly of acetic acid. I have wanted to try vinegar but cant get it down so i use lemon concentrate. I have not tried grapefruit juice not knowing if it contains high concentrate of acetic acid or just citrus acid? For most lemon concentrate is used because of the effectiveness.

Ingredients: (single does) First time user
225grams(1/2 lbs or approx 1cups) poppy seeds
240ml(1/2 cup) lemonjuice concentrate (fresh squeezed will work also)
240ml(1/2 cup) water
Boiling pan (nonstick)
cheesecloth (nylon, loose knit shirt, or fine strainer will work)

Bring the liquid to almost its boiling point (do not boil). Remove from heat and poor liquid mix over poppy seeds so its about 1/2 inch above the poppy seeds. Stir well and let stand for 10 min. Strain into a bowl and let sit until cool. You can add sugar etc. to taste or drink as is. Wait 15-30 minutes and you should have a nice warming opiate effect that can last 4-14 hours depending on the poppy.

For those that have a tolerance to opiates you will have to increase your dosage accordingly. The formula is equal parts poppy to lemon/water mix. (i use approx 500-600 grams or 1.25lbs for a nice functional high )

The key to a good tea is finding a good source of poppy seeds. Remember poppy seeds are very unstable when determining the potency. Also if you have access to pods you can experience what some believe to be the best opiate effect you can achieve. Addicts of heroin have used O tea to kick or slow down their addiction. Some users of H have said pod tea is a much better high and lasts up to 18 hours at a time.

I hope you find this useful... and be safe!

2006 panthrax-nation.